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About the NEWSTROYMASTER company

StroyMaster Company was found in 1998 after the Russian crisis. StroyMaster employs 68 people.

Today we can offer to our customers a wide range of products from our warehouses beginning with dry cement mixture to high-class ceilings. We try to meet all clients’ demands and provide good complete service, including making working scheme, delivery, instalation and maintenance.

Among our suppliers are such Companies as:
• USG-DONN (USA – Germany) – suspended ceilings, metal grids, joint compounds, raised floors  
• OWA (Germany) – mineral suspended ceilings
• ECOPHON (Sweden) - glass fiber acoustical wall and ceiling panels, integrated lights
• PARAFON (Sweden) – mineral fiber acoustical wall and ceiling panels
• LINDNER (Germany) – raised floors, metal ceilings
• EPI (France) - laminate floors
• LUMSVET (Russia) – metal ceilings light fixtures
• NORTHCLIFFE (Russia) – light fixtures

Today we can offer:
- High quality service is provided by our team of professionals.  
- Wide range of products: dry cements mixtures, gypsum boards, screws, paints, plywood, floor coverings, siding, wall panels.
- Key positions of our product range: mineral, metal and acoustical ceilings, raised floors, light fixtures.
- Minimal prices level.
- Retail chain in Moscow.

Among our clients are state organizations, commercial enterprises, joint ventures, cinemas and banks to where we have delivered our materials or installed.

Russia, 109428, Moscow, Ryazansky prospekt, 8a.
tel.: +7 495 232 0864
fax: +7 495 232 0844
e-mail : info@stroy-master.com